Who is Euro Air?

Euro Air A/S is a Danish manufacturer of air distribution ducts made of fabric (called airsox) and it was founded in 1991 by Mr. Niels Erik Thomsen.

Since 2007 Euro Air has been a member of the KE Fibertec group, which is the largest manufacturer of fabric ducting worldwide. The Euro Air airsox are manufactured in our production facilities in either Vejen, Denmark, or in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic.

Our committed sales and development engineers are located in Denmark but we have a wide range of authorized and trained Euro Air distributors, who can provide local support and sales back up on selected markets in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

If you are located in Denmark, Germany, England, or the USA, please contact our sister companies and colleagues at KE Fibertec who have taken over the distribution of the Euro Air products in these countries. 

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We take pride in handling all projects and inquiries in a professional way. No matter if the project is large or small, all our airsox systems are tailored to specifically match your requirements. With our specially developed software "TBV Designer", our engineers can provide the necessary technical documentation and CAD-drawings, if required.

Euro Air supplies tested and approved materials. All our fabrics are manufactured at our own weaving mill designed solely for air distribution purposes. Furthermore, they are tested according to most acknowledged international standards. Our solutions are based on common sense and technical competence in close cooperation with our customers to ensure a product that matches your demands at a competitive price.


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