Laser technology

With the introduction of our new DFC product line in 2010, Euro Air took a big innovative step into the future by introducing laser technology in our products. The special made "DFC baffles" which prevent the entrainment problem known from using laser cut perforations in airsox is made with a very high accuracy. 

Our 3 different DFC systems (Comfort, Induction, and Long Throw) are engineered in our design software, TBV Designer, and the laser parameters are automatically generated to secure the correct placement of the baffles and the perforations.

The outcome of using laser technology is not only precise DFC laser perforations but also higher accuracy of the overall airsox measurements and a better product finish.

The possible combinations between different fabric permeabilites and number of DFC laser perforations are almost endless so we are capable of designing a good solution to every air distribution inquiry.

Read about the advantages of using our new DFC technology.

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