Own Weaving Mill

Euro Air has their own weaving mill. The weaving mill only manufacture fabric for the purpose of air and is the only weaving mill in the world to do that. You might say that we are experts in wrapping threads around air. The weaving mill has the strictest rules when it comes to the weaving tolerances. The yarn is always going through an inspection as raw material before production, during production of the fabric, and after production is finished.

The weaving mill has similar manufacturing quality standards as the automobile industry. The average number of errors in the production is less than 1.5 defects per 100 running metres of fabric.

The yarns are carefully selected from a few suppliers in Europe who are able to live up to the very high demands of the weaving mill such as different quality aspects and our special customer specifications.

Since 1972 we have been able to set a very high standard of woven fabric for textile ducts. We have the highest standards which also shows in the unique software and computer equipment that we have invested in over the years, as well as heat-set stabilizing machinery. 
Entry control (raw materials)

In the entry control the yarn's colour, shrinkage, and oil content is carefully checked.

The weaving mill will not allow a colour difference of more than 1 ΔE. 

The normal shrinkage rate of standard polyester or TCS is from 8-12 %. We will not allow any yarn to have shrinkage rate of more than 5 %.

This is made to ensure that the air permeability is the same throughout the production from the weaving loom to finished installation and from washing cycle to washing cycle.

The normal content of spinning oil is between 3.5-7% added in the spinning process.

But once again - due to the air permeability - the weaving mill has a maximum limit of only 1%.

In the additional heat setting of the finished fabric the remaining spinning oil will evaporate in that process, making the air permeability very unstable. By only having added 1% of spinning oil, the change in air permeability is very low/kept to an absolute minimum.

Production of the fabric

The air permeability is set by many difference parameters.

But the most important aspect when it comes to air permeability is the amount of weft insertions pr. cm².


20 threads / cm²= Tight
15 threads / cm²= Middle
10 threads / cm²= Open 

We are able to control the weft insertions by 0.1/ cm². 

Our heat-set machine is used to remove any fluctiations within the weave after the weaving is done. This ensures that the permability of the fabric will be the same throughout the entire life of the system. The permability will remain at the desired value wash after wash, year after year.

Exit control from the weaving mill

After the heat setting the roll is now ready for the inspection table where a set of human eyes will keep track of potential weaving irregularities and if such should appear the fault will be marked.

The air permeability is also finally checked and approved.

This fabric will be measured with a portable handheld air permeability tester giving measurements in the entire width of the fabric (between 50-70 measure points all across the width).

Should it happen that the air permeability is out of the approved range, the entire roll will be marked for destruction.


On each roll there is a bar code.

The bar code contains 11 different information.

Among these are:

  • Air permeability

  • Length in metres and m²

  • Loom number

  • Lot number of yarn

  • Date of production


This means that we have full traceability on every roll we produce - from cradle to grave.     

Entry control - Euro Air Production

In the entry control of the finished fabric used in the production of the textile ducts, the permability, colour and strength are carefully checked. 

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