We shall work hard to create sustainable solutions that will work year after year. A good cooperation goes further than the next delivery. It is our vision to offer technology that makes a difference, and together with an efficient logistics function we feel well-positioned to solve your next ventilation job.

Our success criteria are:

  • in a dialogue with our customers and distributors to find joint solutions that meet the end-user's expectations from the indoor climate

  • to be innovative and flexible - we shall try hard to meet your special requirements

  • to show "Commitment is included" by reacting quickly and professionally to customer inquiries. Our entire organization including our distributors are solution- and customer-oriented

  • to supply quality products meeting the local market demands and always on time. We know that our customer's time is valuable

  • to be honest in our communication - even if it hurts!

  • to implement corporate procedures in the most future-oriented way in consideration of health, safety, local conditions, and environment

For 30 years we have been a major player in the market for fabric based ventilation and we want to be an important partner for you for the next 30 years, as well.

Who is Euro Air?



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