FBS Panels provide for draft-free ventilation in conference rooms

Case study: Weener XL

Weener XL is the work development company of the city of Den Bosch. At Weener XL you can apply for social assistance, get an appointment with an employment counselor or attend employment qualifying courses. In relation to a refurbishment of the Weener XL building the city of Den Bosch wanted to upgrade the ventilation system in the conference rooms and they had 46 FBS Panels installed. 

“The system is working perfectly, the air distribution is draft-free and it looks good” said the installer Coen van Berkel, Van Delft Plant B.V.

Made by market demand

The FBS Panels for air distribution were developed by Euro Air and supplied by BLT Luchttechniek in Holland. 

“In more than twenty years we have delivered fabric ducting solutions and we have a lot of experience in that area. At some point we experienced a demand for the flat air distribution panels. We had it designed by our supplier Euro Air, the product was tested and for the past years we have completed a number of FBS Panels projects, for instance in a police station, a university and a hospital”

Jeroen van Gils, Commercial Manager BLT Luchttechniek


Part of the architecture

FBS Panels from Euro Air have a flat side that becomes one with the ceiling. The air distribution panel is made in fire retardant material TCS and woven in HDC (High Dust Capacity). The entire surface is permeable with a uniform air distribution which allows you to avoid draft. FBS Panels can supply both cooling and heating and they can easily be removed for cleaning.

FBS Panels come in different colours depending on the project. At Weener XL they were supplied in grey as that colour goes well with red and white.

Furthermore, the product is very flexible meaning that it can be fitted into most rooms also those with little space. This is often not possible with the steel based ventilation solutions.

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