Obtain energy savings with textile ducting

Energy savings are good for the environment, and customised textile duct systems instead of traditional ducting and diffuser systems can help with that. When designed correctly the textile ducts enable air handling units to run at a lower external static pressure.

An example of this is a retrofit done in an office building in Singapore. Here the existing traditional duct system with diffusers was discarded and replaced by textile ducts operating with the same air handling units.

A comparison between the traditional duct system with diffusers and the textile duct system is listed below, showing the annual energy savings in the office area after changing to textile ducts.


FCU Parameters

   Steel ducts and diffusers

        Textile ducts


   7001 m³/h

Static Pressure:

   218 Pa     

       195 Pa

Fan motor power each:

   2.0 kW

       1.55 kW

Fan motors in operation:


Total power in operation:

   6.0 kW

       4.7 kW

Annual operating hours:

   2,730 hours

Annual energy consumption:

   16,380 kWh

      12,695 kWh

Annual energy savings:            3,685 kWh  = 23 %


















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