Hybrid System

Both the fabric and the High Impulse Element are active. The cold air will be dispatched underneath the fabric system just like the Permeable System, and air will be thrown in the desired direction of the High Impulse element. 

When using a Hybrid Textile System it is possible to engineer a solution where the fabric part can be more or less active depending on how much air will be let out of the High Impulse element such as DFC.

With a Euro Air Hybrid System it is possible to control the amount of air being let out in a certain area of a building. 
This is made possible because Euro Air is using laser technology in their production. This means that laser cut DFC holes can be added to a permeable system thus creating a Hybrid System.

A Hybrid System is ideal in situations where the ventilation system is used for both heating and cooling. When used for heating, the heated air will be thrown in the given direction of the High Impulse Element.

When used for cooling, the cool air will drop down below the duct and also be thrown in the given direction of the High Impulse Element. 

As we can select between our different permeabilities and our wide range of DFC models we can make an ideal solution suited for the specific room.


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