Membrane System

Euro Air was the first company to introduce the famous membrane system on the market which has been widely copied ever since. The membrane system was invented so that a system could be made combining both heating and cooling applications in one diffusor.

The membrane system is by far the best solution on the market when an application needs to perform both heating and cooling in the same ventilation system. The membrane system is able to combine the best of both worlds giving the end user all the benefits of the permeable system for cooling (summer) and a High Impulse System solution for heating (winter). The membrane system can ensure that draft will not become a problem even though the system needs to be able to perform both the heating and cooling tasks in one diffusor.


When used for cooling the upper half of the membrane will be active and the membrane inside the duct will close up the High Impulse Elements chosen at the bottom. Here it will act as a permeable system.


When used for heating the membrane will switch from cooling mode into heating mode using the membrane unit provided from Euro Air. Now the membrane will be forced up inside the duct because of the static pressure (rule of thumb is that a 100 Pa static pressure is need for the system to work properly).


This means that the lower half of the membrane system will become active and the hot air will be forced out of the High Impulse Elements chosen at the bottom in order to ensure that the hot air will reach into the occupied zone. 




The membrane unit itself will be delivered with a 180° damper motor that will be used in order to switch from cooling mode into heating mode - vice versa. The membrane will be sewn into the duct in the entire length of the system, so that the system will be able to be turned from one position to another.

The sewn in membrane ensures that the air only will be let out through either the upper part of the system or the lower part. Because of this the supply air is still able to use the entire diameter of the textile duct ensuring that the air speed within the system would be the same as a similar round outlet without the membrane.

The Euro Air Membrane System allows for the wide fluctuations in the seasonal temperatures. So any given facility is given an optimal solution for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter if choosing the Euro Air Membrane System.



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