The plastic nozzles are applied on a special machine under high pressure into laser-cut holes on the duct and their purpose is to increase the air velocity and therefore help the process of ventilation, cooling, and heating.

In the case of cooling, air distribution is not difficult, because the cold air always reaches the bottom of the room due to its higher density. In the case of heating, the process is more complicated, because the warm air rises upwards and there is a threat that in those high rooms, it might not reach the occupied zone.

The application of the nozzles in the textile outlet solves primarily the problems with the distribution of warm air, where thanks to increasing the velocity of supplied air, it guarantees that it will be delivered to the required area.


The most ideal use of the nozzles is in rooms with tall ceilings, because the application of the nozzles helps to increase the speed of the supplied air.

The nozzles ensure that the supply air reaches the occupied zone even in really high halls. 

Euro Air supplies the nozzles in 18mm size and in 10 standard colours. In addition, it is also possible to provide the nozzles in any RAL colour for an extra charge.


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