Why choose airsox instead of steel ducting?



Steel Ducting: 

Air Distribution*

Uniform delivery, no dead zones

Dead zones will most likely occur

Cooling Capacity*

May often be reduced as most of the cooling
capacity is used in the occupied zone directly

Higher cooling capacity is often required as
the entire room is stirred

Installation costs*

Very low: It is possible to save app. up till 70%
installation time. This is mainly due to the large weight difference between ducting and airsox. Steel ducting is app. 20 times heavier. 

Very High. Heavy work load due to the weight of the steel ducts. It will also be much more time consuming due to the weight and handling problems on site.

Initial costs**

Normally lower than for steel ducting. Prices of yarn have been stable also through the economic crisis since 2008

This is typically higher also because of the raising steel prices.


Euro Air can deliver a huge variety of colours to
satisfy the architectural demands.

This is very time consuming and also very expensive 

Air exchange rate*

High because the whole surface area of the
fabric system is used as one big diffuser.


Only in theory, as it could lead to draft problems in certain areas of a room.

Risk of draft in the occupied zone*

Risk is very low, also with high air exchange

Here is a potential risk, depending on the air exchange rate for the room

Weight of section

Ø-500 x 1.000 mm

App. 550 g

App. 8.700 g


The textile system from EuroAir is easy to dismantle and hang up again after washing

Due to the complexity of cleaning a steel duct it is often postponed or often not done at all. This will have major effects on the indoor environment of the building its occupants

Noise suppressed

This is normally not taken into consideration

 Very seldom

Noise generation

Very low risk when using the Permeable
System from Euro Air

Often depending on the flow and type of diffuser


*) Simple layout compared with traditional steel ducting

Steel ducting is limited to a small amount of fresh air inlets, and therefore air only enters the room at a few points. This may lead to draft and cold drop in certain areas of the room and in other areas the ventilation rate may not be sufficient which can lead to stagnant air.

With fabric ducting from Euro Air it is possible to use the entire surface area of the airsox to distribute the air.


 Above is shown a traditional steel duct layout (left) compared with a modified fabric duct system layout (right). The fabric duct system is much faster to install compared with steel ducting and also provides better air distribution in the room which means a higher level of comfort.

**) Euro Air Cost Analysis

Euro Air fabric duct systems are very cost efficient compared with a similar steel ducting

***) Colours
Euro Air can supply a wide range of colours to satisfy any architectural demands. As shown in these two pictures (below) a steel duct needs to be painted white in order to meet the architectural requirements. Everything needs to be covered, the floor and the bar desk at the end, and you will need a ladder to get up and down.

Learn more on product information and availability.

It is a lengthy and time-consuming task to paint steel ducts on site especially
 when compared with our fabric ducting that comes in the desired colour straight from our factory.


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It's in the air. Fabric ducting will provide you with an efficient air distribution and a healthy indoor climate in office buildings, schools, laboratories, industry and other applications.

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