Solutions avec la gaine textile

What are the benefits of choosing airsox?

Steel ducting may often cause drafts in certain areas and stagnate air in other areas of a building. This is  not acceptable especially when considering the increasing demands on comfort and well-being for the occupants of the room.

With their wide range of products, Euro Air will find the optimum solution suited for the specific  application, whether it is our Permeable, Hybrid or High Impulse system.

For more information please check our YouTube channel describing all the different flow models.

When choosing a Low Impulse system by Euro Air - also known as a permeable system - you will experience a far better noise-reduction of the air distribution compared with a similar steel ducting layout, as the air passing through grilles of the steel diffusers will generate noise.

Euro Air's permeable system is designed for a NR
 20 sound level.

More benefits of choosing airsox by Euro Air:

- Draft-free environment providing an optimum air distribution

- Customized colours to meet architectural demands

- Option of logo printed on the airsox

- Low costs due to low weight of systems  - well-suited for retrofit installations

- Airsox systems are easily installed in places where conventional ducting does not apply, such as tents or other applications requiring lightweight installation 

- Reduction of installation time of up to 70%. (This will help reduce overall cost significantly)

- Installation of airsox is easy as the fabric systems are supplied in correct lengths from the factory to the job site and only need to be zipped together. (This will also make the system easy to take down for maintenance)






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