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Green revolution in HVAC

In 2015, we initiated a new era in textile air distribution. We introduced the product CradleSox®.

An even more sustainable solution for air distribution than textile HVAC systems themselves are CradleSox®. CradleSox® meet the most stringent certification criteria and represent a product capable of meeting the ever-increasing demand for truly sustainable products.

CradleSox® is an air technology solution chosen by designers and architects worldwide. It finds its application not only in new constructions but also in renovations of older buildings.

Sustainability standard for investors and engineers

Cradle to Cradle is a globally recognized benchmark inspired by natural processes, where waste is considered a resource.

The Cradle to Cradle concept embodies not only innovation and quality, but primarily sustainable solutions. Its aim is to establish a dependable and potentially infinite material cycle.

Only products that meet the stringent criteria set by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute can be certified.

In order to provide you with the certificate, we have met its strict requirements

The criteria for obtaining certification are very stringent. A prerequisite for certification is that all component suppliers must also meet these criteria for the product in question.

Composition of Used Material

Our own weaving mill nables us to guarantee the composition of the material and the content of chemicals.
The fabrics are non-toxic to both humans and the environment

Possibility of further use of the product

Aluminum profiles can be recycled after the end of their lifecycle without compromising the quality of the aluminum.
After returning the used product to Euro Air, textile material is also recycled.


Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources

Our Danish branch, which includes the weaving facility, generates energy using solar panels.
The remaining purchased energy comes from 100% wind farms.

Responsible Water Management

We save water consumption.

For example, we have abandoned the traditional method of dyeing pre-woven white rolls and switched to new processes, resulting in a 67% reduction in water consumption.

Social Aspects of Production

We have also received excellent ratings in fulfilling criteria related to social and production matters.

Requirements for certification

To ensure compliance with certification requirements from the entire supply chain, the following conditions must be met.
Material: Trevira CS (TCS), DFC HT
Color: White, light and dark grey, yellow, dark blue, black
Suspension: Fasttrack
Mounting: Wingrail, Flexrail

Special offer for replacement kit

In line with our commitment to the environment, we offer a discount on the purchase of a new replacement kit to customers who decide to return discarded Euro Air textile ducts, thus contributing to a circular economy.

10% discount when returned within 10 years

7% discount when returned between 10 and 15 years

5% discount at end of louvre life

The discount is provided off the original selling price and applies only to CradleSox® systems.


Be inspired by our customers' interiors.

Each project signifies a journey towards a greener and healthier environment. Browse through the gallery and discover how CradleSox® can enliven your space as well.

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