About Euro Air

For 30 years, we have been helping your spaces breathe fresh new life.

Using materials that we manufacture by hand, we custom sew textile ducting for you for air distribution. We bring solutions that combine functionality, quality and aesthetics. And all this with the highest expertise.

Thanks to us, you will get the comfort and quality you deserve.

About Euro Air

Already in 1991, the Danish engineer Niels Erik Thomsen came up with the idea that HVAC systems could offer much more than just temperature and airflow regulation.

He saw in it primarily a path to a better quality of life. His vision was to create systems that would not only improve people’s daily environment, but above all would allow them to breathe easier and work more efficiently. Thomson knew that the key to success is understanding the needs and wishes of customers. With this idea, he decided to establish Euro Air - a company that builds on a personal approach and innovative thinking focused on a quality living environment.

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Weaving mill with tradition

We weave material for you in a family weaving mill

Being part of the largest global group of textile air technology manufacturers, KE Fibertec Group, we are the sole manufacturer of textile-based air technology that utilizes handwoven materials.

The weaving mill KE Fibertec Væveri is a family-owned business currently led by the third generation, Frank Hansen.

The entire production of the weaving mill is exclusively focused on producing fabrics for air distribution. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality and precise technical specifications.

More about the weaving mill

Unique software for designs

We use unique software that was specially developed for the design of textile HVAC systems.

Thanks to this program, we are able to provide detailed technical documentation, including drawings and visualizations of cooling or heating the space.

Our TBV Designer software is designed to take into account specific data of a particular project, such as incoming airflow or required pressure loss.

TBV Designer guarantees a solution exactly according to your wishes and needs.

Learn more about TVB Designer

We are experts in air technology.

Our science and research department closely collaborates with the weaving mill.

This collaboration enables us to guarantee that our solutions will be maximally efficient. We have full control over the entire process of textile ventilation production. Part of this department is also a laboratory equipped for conducting smoke tests. Through these tests, we not only evaluate new innovations but also verify whether our existing products meet the promised parameters.
Thanks to the research department, we guarantee that our products are highly functional and precise in technical data.

Detailed technical data sheets

We care about the future

Sustainability is not just a phrase for us, and we are proving it with many steps.

One of our first milestones was the introduction of CradleSox in 2015, which are the first and only textile ducting in the Czech Republic certified Cradle to Cradle.

However, our journey towards greener tomorrows certainly did not end there; quite the contrary, we are determined to continue our efforts and implement a multitude of changes throughout the manufacturing process.

Euro Air

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