Textile HVAC systems

Everything you need to know about Euro Air's textile ducting.

Textile ducting by Euro Air are a key component of HVAC systems for ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. With our systems, you can achieve excellent technical results while ensuring optimal climatic conditions in your spaces.

Whether you are looking for solutions for commercial spaces, industrial halls, or interiors with the highest comfort requirements, Euro Air's textile air distribution systems are the perfect choice.

The main reasons why textile HVAC ducting is the most reasonable solution:


Efficient Air Distribution

We design outlets to ensure even air distribution. No drafts or dead zones.


Exceptionally Lightweight Material

The weight of our textiles ranges between 260-330 g/m2, ensuring that the ceiling remains unburdened.


Easy Transport and Installation

Thanks to the extremely light weight of the textile, installation is easy, saving you time and costs.



We can tailor the ducting to your preferences regarding color, printing, size, or shape.


Service and Maintenance

Unlike metal ducting, textile ducting can be 100% free from dirt.


Sustainable Solution

Customized solutions for your project lead to a reduction in waste production. Additionally, we offer Cradle to Cradle certification.

With textile based air distribution from Euro Air, fresh air can be supplied in 4 ways.

With the right air distribution system, we can meet the requirements of any space.

Non-permeable system

Air supply only through distribution elements

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Hybrid System

Air supply thanks to permeable textile as well as distribution elements

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Special solutions for cases that cannot be solved by standard methods.

Tailor-made solutions

Handcrafting brings not only high precision in manufacturing but also flexibility in handling individual requirements.

We can tailor solutions to your requirements, whether they involve technical or aesthetic properties.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by textiles, we can tailor outlets in various shapes, including different bends and transition elements.

Best quality materials

For manufacturing, we use material from our own weaving mill, which is dedicated exclusively to producing textiles for textile-based HVAC systems.

We have 5 types of materials in stock to offer solutions for every situation.

All breathable fabrics, including TCS, antistatic TCS, DFC-HT, and Nomex, are manufactured in our own weaving mill in Vejen, Denmark.

Due to the specific properties of the last material, DFC-0, which is impermeable, we purchase it from a verified supplier in Italy.

More about the weaving mill

Textile ducting can effectively ventilate, cool or heat any space.

Elements for air distribution

For hybrid and non-permeable systems, air supply to the space is ensured through special openings in the fabric.

To ensure air supply that delivers air without undesired side effects, we have developed a special perforation with exceptional parameters, known as DFC perforation.

However, we can also offer you traditional solutions in the form of nozzles or traditional round openings.

With our wide portfolio, we can meet every requirement you have for air distribution.

More about the perforation


If you choose the textile HVAC ducting, the installation of air ducts will no longer be challenging for you.

Thanks to textile, the installation is not only physically less demanding but also much faster, making it more cost-effective.

For installation, we offer 3 options, each providing a solution for every situation. These include the Wingrail rails for direct ceiling mounting, the Flexrail rails for hanging below the ceiling, or flexible suspension using cable.

We also provide elements for inlet connections and internal reinforcement to maintain shape when the system is turned off.

More about mounting

Environmentally friendly solutions

Textile ducting is a much more advantageous choice compared to sheet metal ducting, even in terms of sustainability.

Euro Air textile ducting is designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

  • We design systems to operate with lower pressure losses, thus saving energy consumption.
  • Textile materials are 20 times lighter than sheet metal ducting systems, resulting in a lower carbon footprint during transportation and fuel savings.
  • We are the only ones able to certify our systems according to the global sustainability standard Cradle to Cradle.
  • We package in biodegradable boxes and use special eco-friendly tape.

In addition, we engage in many other activities, which you can learn about by clicking the button below.

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