Although choosing textile ducts alone is a much better choice for the environment than the traditional steel ducts, we offer an even more sustainable option, CradleSox®.


Cradle to Cradle concept

This is an idea closely connected with the circular economy, which treats waste as a source of materials. The products that meet strict criteria are then certified under the label of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation InstituteThe certificate is then a globally recognized measure of product environmental friendliness. 


Since 2015, Euro Air has been offering the possibility to have the textile ducts approved by this certification, which guarantees that all suppliers within the production of CradleSox® are also included. 

These fabric ducts meet criteria regarding the fabric composition, the reusability of the material, the usage of renewable energy sources, water management, and the social aspects of production.

CradleSox® ducts can also be embroidered with the C2C logo to indicate certification.



Certification of the ducts

To ensure that the certification requirements are met, the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

New replacement ducts discount

To secure the cycle of the circular economy, we provide a discount on a new replacement set when the ducts are returned to Euro Air.

*This discount is provided on the original selling price and applies to CradleSox® systems only.

CradleSox® is the most sustainable air distribution option for schools, offices, laboratories, or anywhere else where quality fresh air is needed.

 Read more about CradleSox in our brochure.

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