Thanks to the TBV Designer, we will design the optimal system tailored precisely to your needs.

Whether you need to ventilate, cool down, or heat up, our textile ducting will adapt.

And all of this without the need to own any software. We'll gladly take care of everything for you.

Unique software

For designing air distribution systems, we have been using custom-made software since 2015.

The TBV Designer has been assisting our experts since 2015.

Thanks to this software, we can guarantee that each project will be tailored to specific input values and meet the requirements for air distribution in the given space.

This software enables you to provide technical data documentation or visualization of airflow precisely according to specific input data.

We provide you with a complete solution

Thanks to TBV Designer, we can provide you with detailed technical data.
  • Pressure drop size.
  • Data on system noise.
  • Airflow velocities in inhabited zones.
  • Amount of air supplied through distribution elements and through textile.
  • Visualization of air behavior.


Required input values

However, we need some important information from you to design the system.
  • Total amount of air.
  • Required length and shape of the system.
  • Height of system placement.
  • Temperature differentials for visualization options.
  • Target installation areas.

We will take care of the complete project documentation.

We are ready to do absolutely everything for you. And thanks to that, you can devote your time where you need it most.

We will provide you with comprehensive documentation that will facilitate your work from start to finish of the project.

You will receive from us all the necessary drawings, including any DFX files, detailed technical specifications, and visualizations. All customized precisely to your project.

And we handle all of this the fastest on the market. With us, you can be sure that we will respond to your request within 24 hours.

I want to save time.

REVIT Plug-ins

Do you prefer designing projects with textiles on your own in Revit?

We have a range of components available for you to use in your designs.

Among the available components are:

  • Circular ducts
  • Semicircular ducts
  • Connections
  • FBS Panels

In the case of FBS Panels, the object is supplemented with technical calculations, allowing for even more precise and efficient planning of your project.

All our plug-ins are available upon request.

Send me the plug-in

TBV Designer

Take a look at how we design solutions

We'll save you time

Are you troubled by time constraints and struggling to handle projects? We can help you!

Our expert sales representatives are happy to assist you with design or handle any project.

With us, you can expect a response to your request within 24 hours.

I want to process a project
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