Quick and efficient defrosting of the unit

Designed specifically for easier removal of frost from the evaporator.

Suitable for


Defrost Socks are a must-have for every owner of cooling devices.

Unique solutions that will help you easily eliminate frost from the evaporator.

With Defrost Sock, you can defrost the HVAC unit up to 2 times faster, which will bring you significant energy and time savings.

Reduce unit defrosting time by up to 50%

These ducting operate on the principle of accumulating warm air close to the evaporator with frost.

To remove frost from the evaporator and avoid unnecessary energy consumption is essential. And this is precisely where the Defrost Sock efficiently assists.

When the evaporator switches to defrost mode, it starts releasing heat. Without any ducting here, the heat would spread into the space, prolonging the defrosting process significantly.

The application of Defrost Socks prevents the release of heat into the space. When the unit is switched off, the ducting closes, ensuring that warm air does not escape. This, in turn, contributes to a faster unit defrosting.

Material that endures

The defrost ducts are made of our own and very durable fabric with a warranty of 10 years.

More about materials

A must-have for freezing boxes

Defrost Socks are a key component for the efficiency of refrigeration units.

These special ducts are placed on evaporators that blow cold air into the space.

These spaces can vary, such as areas designated for food cooling in restaurants, meat chilling in slaughterhouses, or even fresh fruit and vegetable cooling.

All these spaces often require rapid defrosting of the unit to avoid interruption of the cooling process. Defrost Sock brings up to 50% faster defrosting along with significant energy savings.

Advanced technology

We have developed a special technology.


The key element of Defrost socks is the presence of three strips of velco. These strips allow for the quick collapse of the duct after the evaporator is turned off, ensuring maximum heat retention and accelerating the entire defrosting process.

The second key element is the airflow control cord. This cord enables adjustment of the external pressure drop, directly impacting the speed of the defrosting process.


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