FBS panels

Ceiling diffusers for the perfect indoor climate

Easy-to-install flat ceiling ventilation for suspended ceilings.

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Perfection in comfort ventilation.

FBS panels bring a new generation of comfort ventilation that any HVAC engineer or architect will certainly appreciate.

By using these diffusers, you can design environments that are not only ideal for intense concentration, but also provide a comfortable area for relaxation.

Let the perfect airflow surround you thanks to the FBS Panels and give your projects a new dimension.

What all you can gain by choosing FBS panels?


Fresh air supply

They can help to decrease the CO2 level in the room.


Save on Energy Costs

Due to the low pressure loss.


Quiet Environment

Low level of acoustic pressure (up to <20 dB(A)).


Easy Maintenance

By removing just the visible bottom part.


Quick Installation

Installation can be done by yourself without any tools.


Colourful interior element

Available in a total of 7 color options.


10-Year Warranty

On the material as well as the functionality of the system


Standardized sizes

Diffusers come in standard sizes suitable for suspended ceilings.

Refreshment with gentle airflow

The panels distribute the air evenly thanks to the unique ability of the fabric - permeability. However, the airflow can be further enhanced by perforation.

Diffusers without perforation

The air is distributed in the room only according to the principles of thermodynamics. The supply is only due to the characteristics of the TCS fabric. This allows air to pass through and disperse in the room, resulting in a comfortable sense of refreshment, but without any draft. 

Perforated diffusers

For a diffuser with DFC perforations it is possible to achieve a wider space where the air is distributed. The output air velocity due to the perforation will be faster, but still within the limits of the specifications for very comfortable rooms like school classrooms.

More about the material

Enjoy the same experience of refreshing air as if you had just opened the window and let the fresh spring breeze in.

Awake your concentration

The energy-efficient air distribution solution for schools, administrative buildings and other interiors with high comfort requirements.

We manufacture standard sizes for common types of lowered ceilings, such as 600x600 mm and 600x1200 mm. Both of these versions are supplied with a flexible connection opening Ø160-250 mm. Diffusers are always manufactured with a opening at the end or on the side of the panel

Panels can complement the interior by color options. We have available a wide range of standard colors such as white, grey or dark blue. However, you can also choose a special colour to match your preferences.

More about the technical solution

Easily installed with your own hands

The installation of the air handling unit for lowered ceilings can be completed within seconds. 

You only need to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Remove the ceiling tile, which will be replaced by a diffuser.
  2. Place the diffuser in the ceiling grid.
  3. Connect the flexible connection opening to the air inlet.
  4. Put back the side tile that you had to remove for better access.

The entire mounting process is extremely easy and doesn't require any special tools.

Photo: BLT Luchttechniek

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Projects Installation

Let yourself be inspired by the interiors of our customers.

10 years warranty

Every project deserves nothing but the best. And that's what we deliver.

We are more than sure of the quality of our products. That's why we give you the best guarantee - 10 years. The warranty covers all system components as well as their functionality

It is not just a warranty, but 10 years of reliability and fresh air.

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BIM Objects

Do you want to integrate ceiling diffusers directly into your AutoCAD and Revit design?

We are happy to send you panels in standard sizes 600x600 and 600x1200. This way, you can easily incorporate diffusers, whether perforated or non-perforated, directly into your design.

The components also include technical calculations, so you will immediately see the efficiency of the solution.

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