Types of systems

Hybrid system

Air supply thanks to permeable textile as well as distribution elements.

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Comfort Areas
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Fitness and sport

Hybrid system

Air supply principle

The system combines permeable material with highly impulsive elements for air distribution.

It is an active air distribution system based on thermodynamic principles, further enhanced by distribution elements. These elements increase the air velocity at the outlet of the duct and help the supplied air penetrate further into the room.

The hybrid system can be used for ventilation, heating, and cooling.

Hybrid system

Cooling at a temperature difference of 3°C

Thanks to the inclusion of distribution elements, cooling with these systems proves more effective compared to permeable systems alone, as these elements aid in better dispersing the air around the outlet.

This leads to a more enjoyable cooling experience for occupants in the room, as air distribution becomes more uniform at a quicker pace.

Hybrid system

Efficient ventilation

During ventilation, air is supplied at the same temperature as the existing air in the room.

Here, the use of a hybrid system proves highly effective and quicker compared to using only permeable systems. Similar to cooling, this results in faster air deliveries throughout the space.

Hybrid system

Heating at a temperature difference of 3°C

Heating with a hybrid system is efficient only when more than 40% of the supplied warm air passes through the perforations.

A high percentage of air through the distribution elements results in a higher delivery speed of the air, ensuring that even the warm air passing through the textile due to permeability will be pulled into the space along with the air passing through the openings.

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