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Suspensions that meet the requirements of any premises

By choosing from 3 suspension options, you will be absolutely sure that your interior is in perfect harmony with the HVAC system.


Stable aluminium profiles designed especially for applications where the system needs to be suspended lower than the ceiling. Flexrail meets the requirements for certification of fabric ducting according to the sustainable standard Cradle to Cradle.

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Aluminium profiles for installation where the ductwork is installed directly into the ceiling or wall. Wingrail meets the requirements for certification to the Cradle to Cradle sustainable standard.

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For those who prefer the simplest and lightest suspension system, we also provide a wire. The wire only puts a minimal stress on the ceiling, however, it is necessary to fix it horizontally

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We can also handle the starting connection

You don't even have to worry about the connection, we have a range of solutions to ensure the smooth integration of fabric ducting into your project.

For connection to circular inlet you could use metal motex bands or fabric bands. Both are easily attached to the cord sewn into the textile duct. 

If you need a connection to a square inlet, with or without flange, we provide special mounting frames. These frames are supplied in 3 variants and all are easy to assemble from the enclosed rails. 


Keeping the shape of the duct without air supply

If you want to ensure the perfect shape of the round duct even without the air supply switched on, it can be secured with an internal rings support.

These stainless steel rings are applied to the duct every 500 mm or 1000 mm using velcro. This makes them very easy to remove when they need to be serviced.

The rings can improve the appearance of any circular ducting larger than 200 mm and smaller than 1300 mm in diameter.

Let us guide you through the installation of the textile HVAC system

Our detailed illustrated guides have been carefully prepared to make it easy for you to install fabric ducting.

These step-by-step guides that will take you through the entire installation process can be found here.

Do you have a question or need a personal consultation? We are here for you!

Our experts are ready to provide you with individual installation advice. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with any problem.


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