Types of systems

Non-permeable system

Air supply only through distribution elements.

Suitable for

Non-Permeable system

Air supply principle

A non-permeable duct is made from DFC-0 material, which has zero permeability. All supplied air is therefore delivered into the room only through openings in the outlet. These openings can take various forms, such as DFC perforation or plastic nozzles.

Since a non-permeable material is used here, there may be situations where the air inside the outlet becomes much cooler than on its surface, resulting in condensation forming on the outlet's surface.

Non-permeable systém

Cooling at a temperature difference of 3°C

These systems are designed to maximize the air velocity through the distribution elements. Cooling with these systems is therefore efficient, albeit at the expense of environmental comfort.

During cooling, it is also necessary to ensure that the temperature of the supplied air is above the dew point to prevent condensation.

Non-permeable systém

Efficient ventilation

During ventilation, the supplied air is at the same temperature as the existing air in the room.

The ventilation process is facilitated by distribution elements at the outlet, ensuring that the supplied air is distributed more rapidly throughout the space.

Nonpermeable systém

Cooling at a temperature difference of 3°C

For heating purposes, the impermeable system is a good solution because the high outlet velocity of air from the diffuser facilitates its easy delivery to the lower part of the room.

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