Types of systems

Permeable system

Air supply based solely on permeable fabric.

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Permeable system

The principle of air supply

Air distribution is based solely on fabric permeability. This property determines the amount of air passing through the fabric into the space. These systems do not contain any distribution elements.

The supplied air is distributed from the outlet at a very low velocity, and therefore, the behavior of air in the room is determined solely based on passive temperature exchange.

These systems are suitable for cooling and ventilation, but not for supplying warm air. The reason is that warm air, due to its lower density compared to cold air and low output velocity, would immediately rise upwards and only heat the ceiling.

Permeable system

Cooling at a temperature difference of 3°C

Cooling through permeable systems is efficient and also very pleasant. The reason is that cooler air has a higher density than warmer air, so it gently descends towards the floor.

The speed at which the air descends depends primarily on the temperature difference between the supplied air and the air in the room; however, this process is always gradual, and unpleasant drafts are avoided.

Permeable system

Efficient ventilation

During ventilation, the supplied air has the same temperature as the existing air in the room. The exchange process is therefore based solely on the principle of diffusion, i.e., the spontaneous penetration of two components into each other with the aim of their even distribution throughout the space.

The supplied air is evenly dispersed in all directions within the room.

Permeable system

Heating at a temperature difference of 3°C

For heating purposes, this system is not a suitable solution. Due to the low velocity of the air coming out of the ductwork combined with the low density of the warm air, the supply air does not reach the lower part of the room. In fact, the supply air will immediately rise upwards and heat only the ceiling. 

However, heating with textile ducting is possible, but it is necessary to choose non-permeable or hybrid systems.

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