DFC (Directional Flow Control) is a perforation that consists of alternating holes and baffles for 100% uniform air distribution.


Principle of functioning
The perforation has been developed specifically to prevent the entrainment of air in the direction of flow and the formation of dead zones (i.e. places where the incoming air cannot reach).

Entrainment is a common problem with conventional perforated fabric ducts. However, in the DFC perforation, this is prevented by flaps that direct the air perpendicularly into the room and the entrainment can´t appear.

Specifications of perforation
DFC perforation can be applied to all materials we offer at Euro Air. At the same time, the perforation is also suitable for all three standard shapes of textile ducts - round, half-round and quarter-round.

 The holes and baffles are cut with laser technology, which makes them very durable, and they will not be damaged by long-term usage or by normal cleaning in the washing machine.

DFC Comfort

  • For areas with the highest comfort requirements.
  • Suitable for offices, schools, cafeterias or laboratories.
  • Air flow through orifices from 7-20 m3/h/m (60 Pa).
  • For ventilation, cooling and short distances heating.
  • Perforation can be done in one or more rows.

DFC Induction

  • For areas with medium comfort demands.
  • Suitable for gyms, museums, shops or cinemas.
  • Air flow through orifices from 17-90 m3/h/m (120 Pa).
  • For ventilation, cooling or heating. 
  • Perforation can be done in one or more rows.

DFC Long Throw

  • For areas without comfort requirements.
  • Suitable for production halls, supermarkets or logistics centres.
  • Air flow through orifices from 65-370 m3/h (120 Pa).
  • For ventilation, cooling or heating.
  • Perforation can be done in one or more rows.

DFC perforation ensures 100% uniform air distribution and is suitable for any space.


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