The air distribution is accomplished only through the entire surface of the duct, which is made of a fabric that allows air to pass into the surroundings.

Permeable systems are an ideal choice for cooling and ventilation, but not for heating.


Principle of the system
Textile ducts are made of materials with many levels of air permeability, which determines how much air will pass through the surface of the fabric into the room.

The supplied air here is distributed from the duct at a very low velocity and therefore the behavior of the air in a certain room is determined only by passive temperature exchange. The distribution of air over the entire surface of the duct ensures that the supply air is evenly distributed and does not cause drafts.

The most suitable applications
Because the air in a permeable system is distributed only through the fabric, the fabric also traps any dirt that may enter the room through the air distribution system. The amount of dust captured is based on the type of fabric.

Permeable systems are used in a wide range of spaces, however, due to their highest dust-holding capacity, they are best suited for spaces with high cleanliness requirements and laboratories.


The cooling through a permeable system is effective because the cooler air has a higher density than the warmer air and will therefore slowly drop down to the floor.

The velocity of the air descending depends on the temperature difference between the supply air and the air in the room, but it will always be a gentle drop without an uncomfortable draft.


In the case of ventilation, the supplied air is the same temperature as the current air in the room. The exchange process is therefore based primarily on diffusion, the spontaneous mixing of the two components to uniformly disperse across the entire space.


For heating purposes, this system is not an appropriate solution. Because of the low exit velocity combined with the low density of the warm air, the supply air will not be transported to the occupied zone, it will immediately rise upwards and only heat the ceiling.

Nevertheless, heating with fabric ducts is possible, but it is necessary to choose non-permeable or hybrid systems.




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